Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 - Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

Diabetes Mellitus Type 1
Diabetes Mellitus Type 1

Special regions in the pancreas gland, the islets of Langerhans, produce a hormone called insulin. This hormone is a protein of small size. Insulin stimulates muscle cells and different frame cells to soak up glucose from the blood and convert the glucose to glycogen, a type of starch, after which keep the glycogen. By need the body cells convert the glycogen to glucose and use it as gas. In this way insulin keeps the glucose level within the blood at a regular size.

By diabetes type I the cells producing insulin are destroyed. Then less glucose is taken up from the blood into the body cells and applied there, and glucose accumulates in the blood.


The reason of the sickness is not widely known. An car-immune response attacking the insulin producing cells in the langerhansian islets may be a reason. Virus infection may be another reason. The ailment also is to some make bigger inherited.

When the glucose uptake into the frame cells is decreased, but glucose as an alternative accumulates within the blood, the following physiological outcomes arise:

-The frame cells do not get enough gasoline for the paintings they shall do.

-The molecular thickness (osmality) of the blood will increase. This reasons water to be pulled out from the body tissues and into the blood. The tissues hence get dried out and the urine manufacturing increases.

-The tissues begin to interrupt down protein and fats to get electricity, inflicting weight reduction and muscular reduction.

The signs and symptoms of diabetes type 1 are a effect of these mechanisms.


The disorder regularly starts all at once. Often kids or young humans are attacked by using the ailment. The lack of insulin causes an increased amount of blood sugar. Early signs of the ailment are:

-Increased urine production

-Dehydration (loss of water inside the frame)

-Abnormally high thirst as a consequence of extended urine production

-Dryness within the mouth

-An strange excessive urge for food

-Feeling extraordinarily tired and vulnerable

-Weight loss, even if one eats well

-Impaired vision

If the blood sugar stage isn't stabilized to a ordinary cost, there will be an accumulation of chemicals in the body known as ketones, and this situation is referred to as diabetic ketoacidosis. This severe circumstance can lead to coma and loss of life. The signs of ketoacidosis are:


-Pain within the belly

-Rapid respiration,

-High pulse fee

-Somnolence (strange tendency to sleep)

In the long term, diabetes type 1 can severely harm the blood vessels in vital organs. This can in addition motive damage to the coronary heart, eyes, kidneys or different frame organs.


Diabetes kind 1 is dealt with with insulin injections. Implanting insuline cells within the pancreas is an experimental remedy. Another experimental remedy is to implant stem cells in the pancreas that may change into new insulin producing cells.

Another important module of the remedy is law of the quantity of sugar and fats consumed thru the weight loss plan so that it fits collectively with the insulin-amount injected. Also normal monitoring of the blood sugar stage to modify the insulin quantity is an vital part of the treatment.

There also are herbal merchandise within the market which can help to normalize the blood sugar level by means of diabetes type 2. Those products cannot heal the disorder or update insulin injections, but they could assist the frame to regulate the blood sugar level. These merchandise incorporate minerals which can be working components of enzymes that stimulate the glucose metabolism within the frame. They also include herbs that have been used for a long term in conventional medicine to regulate the glucose degree and that have proven their consequences in clinical research.

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